First Bible Lesson: Romans 8:16

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.

Second Bible Lesson: Hebrews 1:6

And again when he bringeth in the first begotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.

Golden Text: 1 John 3:2

Beloved, we are now the sons of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Brethren, that is the theme of our revelation today. God has never told lies at any time. Man can lie but God has never tell lies. Today you are again revealed publicly to the whole world, that you are children of God. It is a thing of joy for me and for you and for the all mankind.

It is so because what man did not hope for, what he thought would only be a matter of dream, has now become manifested openly at its fullness of time. When a child cries, wherever he points his finger, if the father is not there, the mother will be there. During the last advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ, when He claimed He was the son of God, He was accused of disgracing God. When they went with an intention of killing Him, He asked them, "For which of the good works do you want to kill me?" He pointed to one and said, "You were blind is it because I restored your sight that you want to kill me?" He said no. To another He said, "You died and because I raised you up, is that why you want to kill me?" He said no. He continued to ask them one by one and they all said, "For the good work, we kill you not but because you being a man arrogate to yourself the position of God. It was there and then that He quoted Psalm 82 for them: "Was it not written in your laws that ye are gods, children of the Most High."

The same is the case today, the spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. God knows that you are His children. That is why it is said patience subsumes good conduct. God does not do anything in a state of confusion but he brings everything to manifestation at the fullness of time. But believe and rest assured that whatever he has said, no matter the time lapse, such a thing would surely be manifested.

Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself has said these words. That was why He said I have yet many things to say unto you but you cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the spirit of truth is come He will reveal everything onto you. You are true witness that this sort of a gospel could not be preached in the past even if it was preached only the corpse of the preacher would be left on the ground. If because Our Lord Jesus Christ said that He was the Son of God He was killed, how much more would they have reacted if somebody has attested that all the inhabitants of the world are the children of God. His corpse would not have reached the ground.

For claiming that Our Lord Jesus was the Christ, all the disciples were beheaded, for they could not see how a man could be the Christ. That explains why He warned all of them not to tell any person that He was the Christ until everything was made consummate.

There is time for everything under the sun, as arranged by God. And now is the time for the manifestation of the sons of God. As a matter of fact, there is nothing to be hidden again, for the cup is full to the brim. There is no doubt or fear or sorrow or weakness. This is because this generation is the luckiest. Things that people have hitherto not heard of, you are hearing them now. And the things which people have never seen, you have seen them now. If somebody had told you that you are a son of God and that you would refer to your fellow human beings as brothers and sisters, you would not have believed. Even though the Psalmist has expressly stated that you are gods, children of the Most High, if you were to stake a claim that you are a child of God, you would be stoned to death. That is why you are advised to wait patiently and not murmur because no matter the circumstances, the will of God must prevail.

The main reason of our visitation is to reveal the children of God and in its proper perspective throughout the whole world. This is because Our Lord Jesus Christ did not have the ability to bring about this manifestation. Even His claim to the sonship of God was unacceptable at the people, how much more to declare openly that you are the children of God. But his teaching has indicated that you should love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be children of your Father who is in heaven, who makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and He sends His rain on the just and unjust, which is conclusive that you are truly the Children of God. He has also indicated that you should not refer to any person as a teacher because there is only one Teacher, but all of you are brethren. He also instructs you that you should not call any person "Father" because you all have one father who is in heaven. He also enjoins that you should not call any person "Lord" because there is only one Lord even Jesus, the Christ. These have proved most conclusively that you are the children of God.

His disciples went to Him and asked Him to teach them how to pray even as John had taught his disciples to pray. And he taught them when they pray to say, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." Who is that Father in Heaven? Can you not realise that all those who say the Lord's Prayer are bound by the words of the Lord's prayer itself; and they have accepted that they are the children of God, the Father. We always pray, Our Father who is in heaven, you also pray, why is it that you deny now that He is your father and that you are His children.

All church denominations, all prayer houses, and all the inhabitants of the world say the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father, who is in heaven," but today have you not realised that He is Our Father who is in heaven? Have you not accepted that you are a child of God? Is it not a clear indication that all the inhabitants of the world are Brotherhood? Has the Father not borne witness that all of us are children of God? Our hope and faith have now been made manifest at the time we least expected. When our hope is shattered, the savior appears. So brethren, as of now, death and hades have been condemned and, you, the children of God have been justified. Brethren, I do not wish to overload you, let the first lesson now be read.

First Bible Lesson: Romans 8:16

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.

Brethren, have you heard that. Even if all the wealth in the world is bestowed unto you, it is not comparable to the manifestation of all the inhabitants of the world as the children of God. That explains why our Lord Jesus Christ said: Howbeit, when the spirit of truth is come He will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of Himself, but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak, and he will show you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine and shall show it unto you, because all things that the Father has are mine.

In the past you always referred to the Son of God in the singular form, but today you all are the children of God, Brotherhood. You will realise why you can sum up courage to stand publicly and call somebody a brother wherever you are. You boldly declare yourself as a child of God, and there is no question.

During the advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ, He was the only person regarded as the Son of God. The reason for His crucifixion was because He declared Himself the Son of God. This resulted from the indoctrination of the people by Satan that God does not beget any children at all. Even though He owns both heavens and the earth and he created man and made everything, Satan purposely did that to blackmail the Son of God, every person in the world held onto this. And so any person who declared himself the son of God would be killed.

It was not because of raising the dead that He was killed, nor was He killed because of His preaching, nor was He killed for any particular reason, but it was because He being a man declared himself the Son of God. Even when they interrogated Him, one High priest waded in immediately and inquired from them what other facts they wanted to elucidate from Him because He has already erred by declaring that He was the Son of God, and for that reason alone He should be killed. You will realise that the work done by God at this end of time is really tremendous. The joy that is in heaven and the peace which prevails on earth can better be imagined than described.

The sadness that besets Satan and Lucifer and his followers cannot be described. All of you are aware of what Satan and his followers have done in the world at this end of time. In broad day light they go about culminating that Brotherhood sucks blood, that Brotherhood is apparition, and juju, and mermaid and is cannibalistic. They roam the whole world with their propagandist machinery. They also maintain that Brotherhood relates to the false prophets which the Bible mentions, and that it is Brotherhood which has come to lead men astray.

Compare these calumnious and blasphemous utterances with the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ vis--vis what is now transpiring in the world. This explains why it is said when the battle is tough then the king must lead the army.

Many a times when something happens, we erroneously argue that if God were in existence, such a thing could not have happened. God is very much in existence. Sometimes we question why He has not done a particular thing. I would advise you to rest your case and ponder over it. That state of affairs induced John the Baptist while he was in prison to send two of his disciples to Our Lord Jesus Christ saying,: Art thou he who should come, or are we to look for another? Why did he send his disciples? It was because all his hope was on Christ that when He would come, He would liberate the oppressed, He would heal the broken hearted, He would preach deliverance to the captives and would set at liberty those who were bruised and he thought that since he was cast into prison, Our Lord Jesus Christ would definitely come to set him at liberty.

But to his amazement, John waited in prison but he did not hear any person asking him to get out of the prison yard, and so he sent two of his disciples to ask the young man whether he was the one who should come or they were to look for another.

But Our Lord Jesus Christ responded immediately; go your way and tell John that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and to the poor the gospel is preached. Can you observe how a statement such as the one made by Our Lord Jesus Christ was capable of causing a great deal of deliberation in the hearts of a great many people about the glory of Christ? Come to think of it, in the whole of Israel, all the Israelites thought that when He would come, He would deliver them from the scourges of Roman domination, and remove them, sine die, from their tentacles and oppression, and kill the Roman Empire with its oppressions giving them their full independence and self determination as they thought he would appear with battalions of soldiers.

But to their greatest surprise, He came to preach that the people should love their enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and fervently pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you. At the same time, they were still suffering under the domination of the Romans and so they they concluded that Christ could not be the Messiah.

So brethren, nothing would have caused the Israelites to believe in Him because He did not show them any sign. They were after signs, liberations and freedom but since such could not be seen in Him they all conspired that He should be beaten up and killed. If it were possible for Him to have raised an army and to have sent at least one battalion which would have dealt a great blow on some of the Roman citizens and destroyed the a part of the Roman Empire to liberate them so that they gain their independence, it would have been possible for the people to give Him the benefit of the doubt and to take cognizance of his messiah-ship.

But the fact that, He instead, enunciated that they should love their enemies and neighbors, nothing would have convinced them to believe in Him as the Messiah. This explains why it is said that flesh and blood will not inherit this kingdom of God. So brethren, the second lesson will now be read.

Second Bible Lesson: Hebrews 1:6

And again when he bringeth in the first begotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.

Brethren, have you heard a very wonderful statement? This of course, is his second assignment, you are aware that, in his first advent when he executed his assignment, Peter took up the sword and cut off the ear of one of the servants of the High Priests. He rebuked Peter and said, " put your sword into its place for whosoever takes up the sword must surely perish with the sword. Do you think that I cannot now pray my Father and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels, but how then can the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?"

Do you think that if during his last advent, it was commanded that all angels should bow down and worship Him, He would have been killed? This is the point which has eluded the people of the world who argue that "even the Lord Jesus was killed" and so since this one cannot be killed it should not be linked with God, for it is not God, but they only operate under the disguise of God.

You have heard the testimony given recently by Professor Bassey Bassey, how they met in a secret meeting and conspired that He should be killed, and mandated their henchmen to kill, but all stood tongue-tied and dumbfounded.

Brethren, if there is a man to whom God commands that all the angels should worship him, you would realise that every thing stands consummated. That situation is unquestionable. He causes anything to be done without any problem, and without any question. He has the boldness and the courage to do anything whatsoever because everything remains under His subjection. He is not mindful of the time or day. He does not ask any questions, neither does He have an opponent and everything is subject under His feet. There is therefore no hindrance and He has the capability of doing everything whatsoever.

If you do not understand what is referred to as the angels of God, I am now going to name the lesser ones for you. Heaven is the Throne of God, Earth is His footstool. Therefore fire, wind, snakes in the field, animal in the bushes, all creeping things, and all winged animals are angels of God. Further, the thunder, the wind, rain and many other things are the angels of God. Again Lucifer, death, hades, ocean are all messengers.

Furthermore, sickness of all kinds, lust and human desires, wretchedness, poverty, sleep, are all His angels. What do you think of this man to whom all angels of God will be commanded to worship?

You have heard one necromancer confessing that he went to pluck some leaves for the preparation of his concoction, and the leaves warned him not to pluck them again, because they are Brotherhood. He also went to dig up certain roots but the roots also warned him not to dig them up again because they are all Brotherhood.

If you want to prove the sacrosantity or otherwise of this assertion, from tomorrow go to the house of the most powerful necromancer, inform him that you want certain preparations of concoctions and diabology to be compounded for you. He will ask you whom you are preparing this charm for or against? You tell him you want the charm in order to kill a certain Brotherhood member.

Even if you tell him that you are a Brotherhood member he will drive you away from his compound, and he will quarrel with, thereafter he will raise an alarm and will invite the police to arrest you as you have rendered his diabology ineffective. He will ask if you have ever heard that any person can kill a Brotherhood member?

To dispose of a preliminary matter, immediately you enter the house of a necromancer, his diabologies, his preparations are rendered useless. That explains why you are refused entry into certain communities by the citizens, because they know, and have been told that the moment you parade the community with a song all their preparations of concoction and juju and charms will be destroyed.

This also explains why if you are sitting with a group of persons, the moment they know that you are a Brotherhood, they will all desert you for fear that if they stay any longer with you, the little charms they have will be rendered ineffective. That is why no matter how you explain that there is nothing in Brotherhood, they will tell you to go away, that you operate under the guise of God.

Do you think that it was that difficult for Our Lord Jesus Christ to have made a declaration, but he could not have declared that. Who are you to have made such a declaration, the consequences which would have followed would be such that your blood will not touch the ground.

Do you think such declaration as "Olumba Olumba Obu is God," you make at the market place today, any other living person could make it without his blood touching down on the ground. Much more entering somebody's house and singing whatever flies and whatever crawls, Olumba Olumba Obu reigns.

You enter the government circles and announce to the officials that Olumba Olumba Obu who owns all the positions that they occupy, and such house owners and government officials will not fail to cast you into jail. And again while you are paddling in a canoe, there is a big storm and you call on the the name Olumba Olumba Obu and the winds subsides while the storm remains still, they would still appreciate what would happen.

The whole world, the inhabitants on land and in water wage a relentless battle but cannot succeed. What then do you think this power is? It is said, when He will bring His final begotten into the world, He will command that all the angel of God, winged animals, all creeping things, all created and uncreated things should bow down and worship Him.

You are a child of God, but in this particular case, He has spotlighted in the new dispensation, when he will bring the first begotten into the world. He has definitely made a distinction between "THE FIRST BEGOTTEN," and the "Children of God." Are you the First Begotten, so that tomorrow you will become infatuated with pride that you are the first begotten? You are not! It is however a truism that you are a child of God, but you are not the First Begotten of God. This statement subsumes that all powers in heaven and on earth have been bestowed on Him, who is the first begotten of God and this includes everything on earth, winged animals, creeping things and other creations. Therefore these creations together with trees and angels, must subject themselves onto Him. There is however no doubt that you are all the Children of God. He has come to rule and judge, to right, to recreate and to regenerate everything and nothing can rear its ugly head or flap its wings. He has come to change and reform, to lead, and to teach. He has neither opponents nor deputy nor assistant. He the monarch of all surveys, the be-all-and-end-all, and nothing can even flap their wings. All the troubles we have in the world are caused by the lesser angels. If you want to turn left, death will deal a blow on you, and hades batters you on the head while sickness prey on your limbs, sleep which is not exempted will knock you down on the ground and hunger will also exact its demand on you. But now it is commanded that all these angels should bow down and worship the only begotten of the Father. A local adage has it that the tortoise is willing to dance but its stiff back could not allow it.

The angels who were mandated to carry out this assignment, were they allowed to work by prostitutes? The prophets were also sent, did women allow them to undertake their assignments? This is the whole confusion which plagues the work of God because when the prophets see these prostitutes and women with long necks and pretty faces, they will jump unto them and fall off from the expectation of God. But now it is said specifically, "When He will bring back the first begotten into the world, He will decree that all the angels and all the creation of God should worship Him. It is meant that man should fear the situation and to ask what sort of situation it is and from where he has come. God has never done any of His things haphazardly. He brings everything to its ultimate conclusion, and no one questions Him.

In a family, if the wife suggests a certain method of doing a particular thing, the husband will disagree with her and suggest another method. There will be a sharp disagreement and the wife will vow that the husband's method will never be used. If the husband's method is used, the wife will cause confusion. You can remember what happened when God ordered that all angels should worship Our Lord Jesus Christ. He was exasperated and promised that the Name of God would not be heard any longer. Lucifer decided to go his own way. From that time, people started disobeying God. Satan has indoctrinated the whole world and there is no place in the world where he has not established his own kingdom. He tell lies against all those who serve God and as a result they are killed because of false propaganda and false allegations. It was through this false allegation that Our Lord Jesus Christ was killed. He forments all the confusion in the world. No person ever recognises the existance of God. Scientist have even argued that God does not exist. Even at that time when the world was as large as it is today, people neither believed in Our Lord Jesus Christ, nor the prophets, nor in the words of God, how much more, now that the world is expanding with leaps and bounds. But what happens today, has the world not attested to the fact that the Most High has come to dwell on earth with man.

Behold a sister from Russia with us. In the morning before she came, she testified that as she was sleeping, somebody knocked on the door, calling on her. She woke up suddenly because of the impact the call had on her, and now she is convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that she has seen God face to face.

All doubting Thomases, the infidels, the unbelievers, the atheists, juju, diabology, preparation of concoction, withchery, apparition, mermaid, human beings, the wind, the thunder, the sun and moon have all accepted that the Most High is now on earth. I have told you several times that neither I nor you are the doer of the work, nor any other person, but it is the fullness of time. Right now the only question people have is when this phenomenon started, and there is no answer to it. Satan lied that God has no children but now the Children of God has multiplied in the world. That is why I say that this is generation is the luckiest of all. The Golden Text will now be read.

Golden Text: 1 John 3:2

Beloved, we are now the sons of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Brethren, is that statement not fulfilled today? Have you not seen Him? Have you not been revealed? Hitherto, did you realise that all the inhabitants of the world were children of God? But have you not been praying that until Our Lord Jesus Christ descends from the sky? A great many people still imagine that until the virgin Mary comes back to the world and is conceived by the Holy Ghost, before God begets a son, but behold, today, you are revealed as the children of God. This is indicative of the fact that there is no word of God that touches the ground which does not create an impact.

It is not today alone that you are a child of God, neither were you a child of God only yesterday, but ab initio, you have always been the children of God. But it was only the machinations of the evil one. The great liar which was responsible for your non-manifestation, but today, you have been manifested in your entirety. The God of possibility.

God is the God of Mercy and of Patience and of Love and of Grace, and Peace and of Invincibility and with whom there is no impossibility. He is the God of Possibility and not impossibility.

What you lack, He possesses; if you have no life, He has life; if you are without good health, He is good health. If you have no peace, He is peace. If you do not exist, He is ever existing. This explains why Our Lord Jesus Christ says: "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." How can God argue that He will never go to a certain place because of diabolical things are buried there? Or that He does not want to see the man because he is a thief, or because he is a fornicator? Which God can afford to do that? But just come in and He will change you. He is capable of reforming every person and rearrange things in their ship-shape order, and there are no problems. His love is sufficient unto all the generations of mankind, His mercy overwhelms the heavens and the earth. His peace is perfected and flows like honey in all parts of the world. His truth endures forever. Why then do we bother ourselves about, while there exists no problems.

Whatever He shuts, no person can open, and whatever He opens, no person can shut. Since He from the heaven of heavens, has declared that all the inhabitants of the world are His children, that is a finality and incontestable and therefore consummated. Since He himself said, I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and your sins and iniquities I will remember no more, this has also been consummated. Because He is the God of ability and power and is capable of anything He likes and He has the power to bring into existence that which has never existed. The doubting Thomases should no longer doubt, because he has said, "I will change you within the twinkle of an eye."

He has reformed all the inhabitants of world unto himself, He has made everything anew and Lucifer has returned with sorrow. You have heard that Lucifer was given a very little opportunity within a short spell of time for him to do anything he likes. Right now, the Father has assumed his reign and has raised His victorious hand. You must be flabbergasted that Russia has now accepted the deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you not petrified to notice how members of all other religions in the muslim world, Buddism, Judiasm which hitherto did not accept the Christ, have now accepted him and also believe in God.

Are you not surprised that necromancers, magicians, spiritualist, seers, soothsayers, hypnotist, mersmerisers, occultist, and members of secret societies who depend on their diabology to earn their living, are destroying their idols and their diabolical artifacts because only one God exists. It is fulfilled in the statement made by God that this is the New Covenant that I will enter into with the house of Israel after those days. I will put my laws in their minds and write them in their hearts, and they shall not teach any man his neighbor saying know the Lord, for all shall know me, from the greatest to the least. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and iniquities I will remember no more. It is not because we are righteous, nor because we seek after Him, but because of His promise that this generation will not pass away until everything is made consummate, it is consummated this day. There is no more division again in the world whether you are black or white, or colored, whether you are human or a tree or fish or angels, you are all one.

There is no more chance for you to steal, or to kill, or to oppress, or to indulge in diabology, or to commit any act of sin or to discriminate or to segregate. That period has now been waved by God. Right now all human beings in heaven and on earth are but one. Only one God rules over the heavens and the earth and there is one Lord, one Teacher and one Spirit rules in heavens and on earth. You all are clean and sanctified excepting one person who will never be discharged. Who is that one person? He is Lucifer. Whatever you do, you do not do it out of your own volition but Lucifer is responsible. He establishes all the church denominations, including the orthodox churches which preach that God helps those who help themselves. Whatever establishments and organisations that are found in the world are founded by Lucifer. Included in these are the prayer houses and spiritual churches, to use as means of causing confusion in the world. A shameless phenomenon now calumniating that Olumba Olumba Obu is dead and that there is nothing behind Brotherhood. He has even stated that there power in Brotherhood but the power is not from God. The question is if the power is not derived from God is it derived from Lucifer? The Lucifer has invited Our Lord Jesus Christ to kill Olumba Olumba Obu, has the Christ killed Him? Why can Lucifer himself not come to kill Olumba Olumba Obu? You really know what happened. It is no longer a story, the whole world conspiring to write defamatory statements and bear false witness against Olumba Olumba Obu, and circulate in all universities, but where is the Lucifer now? Has Brotherhood made any statement retorting or in self-defense? If in a house somebody consults an oracle which names the husband a wizard, the wife will pack from the house and nothing will induce her to marry him unless he vindicates himself by swearing to an oath that he is not a wizard. Even if the husband takes an oath, she will still not live in the house. You are true witnesses to the fact that of a man is alleged in a community to be a murderer, until doomsday, all the citizens will never be free with the man. He will be kept at arms length. How much more in this particular case? All the inhabitants of the world calumniated about one person, alleging that he is a murderer, a cannibal, a dracular and yet no person is deterred by such allegations and that alone serves as the most significant testimony to indicate to you He is God of possibility and not that of impossibility.

Observe now the glad tidings of great joy brought to you that you all are the children of God, children of the Most High and satan returns now with sorrow. I have no problem with you whether you are white or black, because you are the children of God, my problem is with him, Satan, that man who is in the bottomless pit, while the Most High is spacing majestically in the world.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has assured that you are clean except one man alone. He also says that all of you are saved but that man will never be saved. Brethren, there is no doubt, there is no fear to called a child of God, for you are neither worthy nor righteous, but since, ab initio, you have been the Son of Adam, and the Son of Adam is invariably the son of God, you are all the children of God.

You were created neither by wood nor by stone nor by any other thing, but by God because you are the children of God, and the children of God must resemble the Father and you are now being re-schooled. Of what use is medicine or the preparation of concoction to you when you are so powerful that when you say, "LET" everything runs away from you; you are never sick, you are rich and when you knock your forehead on the ground you receive manifold blessings of God, why should you worry yourself. That is why it is said whoever regards himself as wise should become foolish that he may be wise in this school of love. Become like unto small babes because you are now being regenerated and recreated.

The inhabitants of the whole world are all prodigal sons because they have asked their father to give them their share of the inheritance, and they have squandered all their substance in riotous living, worshipping trees and idols and that is why they are told to return the house O Wanderers, for your father is waiting for you. Whenever you repent, the Father will give you new clothes and new shoes and rings.

Who can bestow eternal life apart from God? Who can forgive any man his trespasses apart from God? Who can bestow peace, power, and the position of sonship, apart from God?

We should therefore be grateful to the Father who is greater than any other Father and who created the heaven and the earth and all the inhabitants of the world. There is no child of perdition throughout the world.

Brethren, it is said one stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise, I do not wish to be tedious unto you. Those who have ears let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words, Amen.


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